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  • The history of the house is very interesting and the tour was much fun. Thanks for a great afternoon!
    Bill Taylor

    Archive for the ‘Events’ Category

    A New Flag for McAllister House

    August 26th, 2012

    Whenever the weather cooperates and the museum is open an American Flag is flown from the front porch.  The flag used these last several years was faded and worn and becoming tattered.  It also, amazingly, had 48 stars.  This is historically inaccurate both for the opening of the museum (1961) or the time of Major Henry McAllister (a 37 star flag may be seen in the library)  So Senator Mark Udall donated a 50 star flag to the Museum.  This flag previously flew over our Capital Building in Washington D.C.  During the Ice Cream Social a ceremony conducted by Scout Troop 101 removed the worn flag and installed our new one.

    Preparing for the flag ceremony

    Preparing for the flag ceremony

    Our old 48 star flagRetiring the old flag with dignityOur new flagThe new flag in place

    And the Scouts are off for a ride downtown in a Model T Ford

    And the Scouts are off for a ride downtown in a Model T Ford

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    August 5th, 2012

    Saturday, August 4, 2012 saw McAllister House filled with Scouts and friends and family as Tim Force of Troop 101 did an Eagle Scout project that benefited the Museum.  With the help of Troop 504 they downed dead trees, stained picnic benches, repainted the flaking porch and redid all the trim on the Carriage House. This involved sanding and priming and painting and hours of work.  Upon taking down a large dead tree in the front yard it was discovered it had been invaded by ants and hollowed out and most liked doomed to fall in the next heavy wind.  A tree stump in the back yard was laboriously dug out.  Paint was donated by Sherwin Williams and all this maintenance was done with absolutely no cost to the Museum!  Thank you Tim and all his helpers for a job well done!Flag

    Note the hollows made by the ants

    Note the hollows made by the ants

    repainting the front benchJust a few of the workers Digging out a stump in the back yardDebris to be carted offRepainting the Carriage House trim!A view of table staining from the upstairs windowThat's Tim in the center Picnic table staining

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    Broadmoor Garden Club Grant!

    May 16th, 2012

    Thanks to a grant from the Broadmoor Garden Club and labor provided by the After Hours Garden Club and the Front Range Herb Society, we will be planting a multitude of perennials in the yard as well as adding some colorful annuals.  Many thanks to these hardworking Garden Club members for their generosity!  We look forward to the beauty of these flowers around our treasured house.

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    Repair to North Foundation Wall

    April 9th, 2012

    With the help of Murphy Constructors, we began the repair of the cellar collapse and reinforcement of the North Foundation wall.  Work had to be done when the air conditioner could be removed and before any spring rains.  (There’s still hope for ‘spring rains’ in Colorado Springs!)  Murphy Constructors  with their vast experience in historical construction brought in experienced crew and old field stone and completed the work in less than two weeks.  We are still hoping to receive grant money to finish paying for this work but are delighted we have the building back in good repair!!

    Excavation along north side of house

    Work being done

    All back in place

    Gaping hole is repaired and plastered

    Devoted crew from Murphy Constructors

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    Cellar Repair – the need

    April 9th, 2012

    The collapse of what was probably the old coal chute in McAllister’s cellar!

    The cellar at McAllister House Museum is not open to the public but holds our furnace and is used for storage.  Over the past few years the old coal chute which had been covered on the outside by a metal cover began to collapse, causing the plaster and wood lathe in the cellar to deteriorate and dirt to begin falling into the cellar.  Much longer and we’d have had water intrusion.  So we’ve been raising money and have applied for a grant from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution to cover the costs of the repair.

    cellar collapse

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    Lightning – the gift that keeps on giving….

    July 18th, 2011

    Looks as though the automatic sprinkler system also was fried when the lightning hit.  Our first clue was how dry and brown the grass has gotten in the last week.

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    Cinnamon Tea

    July 16th, 2011

    Cinnamon Tea flute group

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    Lightning Strike

    July 13th, 2011

    On Saturday, July 9, 2011 very shortly after the museum closed, lightning hit the metal rod on the roof bracing the chimney and spread through the house and into the carriage house.  It took out the Internet and Security Systems as well as blew four small holes in the ceiling of the children’s bedroom.  Neighbors tell us the sound of the explosion had their homes shaking and car alarms were going off all around.  We are still assessing the damage, have repaired the security system, had the fire department out several times to insure the safety of the museum and are working on getting the computer and Internet back up and running.  We also we will conducting a fund drive as we carry a high deductible and this clearly was not in the budget for this year.  We are looking into a lightning rod system despite its lack of historical accuracy.  The McAllisters didn’t have gutters either and yet they are clearly necessary for the good of the House!

    In an ironic turn, the chairman and treasurer of McAllister House began a seminar the end of June on Disaster Preparedness and are in the process of updating our disaster plan.  The lightning and loss of communication we suffered on Saturday demonstrated how important this plan is.  Unfortunately we don’t complete the seminar until the end of July.  But we now have hard evidence of how necessary it is.

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    Pictures from June 2011 Ice Cream Social/Anniversary Celebration

    June 27th, 2011

    Curator, Owanah Wick with Julie Green on the front porch

    Our Happy Anniversary cake!Polly Wells with anniversary cake and free cupcakesRebecca Bromley at yard sale tableJean McGinnis & Barbara HarrisonBev Payne and Nancy May ready to sell nickel ice creamChairman Mary Anne Sehorn getting a hot dog

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    2011 Ice Cream Social and 50th Anniversary Party

    June 25th, 2011


    See the article in the Gazette about our Ice Cream Social on June 25th.  Hopefully you were there but if not, there will be another one next year, although not the 50th Anniversary Party!

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