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  • Our Victorian Tea at the McAllister House was so much fun! It was fun to use the china and the tea set. Really gives you a thrill to think they took the same sort of teas there in that house over 100 years ago! Thanks for a great time!
    Susan Bailey

    Cleansing the Museum

    July 10th, 2014

    Anne Salisbury.Greg clearing museum2


    Intuitive Consultants, Dr. Anne Salisbury and Greg Meyerhoff of Go Intuition visited the museum on July 9, 2014 to cleanse the energy of the House.  In the last few years we’ve had lightning strikes, hail damage, furnace collapses, leaky air conditioner, gas leaks and much more.  Many of these maintenance issues are to be expected in an old house but it seemed lately that the minute one item was repaired, another broke.  Anne is a Colonial Dame and so volunteered herself and her patient husband to come see what they could do.  We will be receiving a full report from them on what they found but for now we know Major McAllister says he and his family would NEVER haunt the house!  It was a happy home with the sound of children laughing and running (though never in the formal dining room or parlor).  And they stored apples in the cellar.



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