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  • We are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas Teas and Tours, my daughter is finally old enough to enjoy what my mother and I call a yearly tradition.
    Kris S.

    Mountain High Tree Service Donation

    January 21st, 2013

    Today brave men from Mountain High Tree Service came to McAllister and donated their time and talent to take down the dead branches and perilous limbs from the trees surrounding the museumWorkers high in the tree at the south sideCan you see the two men in the tree in the center?

    A closer view

    Here’s a closer view of the south side of the yard with our noble tree trimmers.


    And here’s a close up view of these brave men.

    Mountain High Tree Service

    Many thanks to Mountain High Tree Service!

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    One Response to “Mountain High Tree Service Donation”

    1. Alexi Davenport Says:

      I think it’s so great that brave men are willing to do hard jobs like that where they are always at risk. It really helps the rest of us who can’t or maybe don’t want to do those high risk activities. Great job, guys!

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