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  • The history of the house is very interesting and the tour was much fun. Thanks for a great afternoon!
    Bill Taylor

    Paranormal Investigation of the Museum!

    November 11th, 2010

    We have the report from The Night Team Paranormal Project Investigation of McAllister House done on July 9, 2010.  Stationary infrared cameras were placed in the parlor, library and each of the bedrooms.  Digital audio records were with the investigators and one was left running in the children’s bedroom to conduct EVP sessions.  EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena.  As they explained it, this is when a voice or noise is picked up on audio recording that are not from anyone present and could not be heard by investigators at the time.  Along with the EVP sessions they ran portable video cameras with night vision capabilities, monitored atmospheric conditions and also monitored the static cameras on their DVR system.

    Nothing unusual was noted while the investigators were present but a recorder was left running in the children’s bedroom and the static cameras were left running all night long.  Nothing that couldn’t be explained was caught on the cameras however there were some EVPs from the digital audio recorders.

    At about 9:20  when the investigators said, “We don’t know a lot about you”, what sounds like a female voice whispers something like “Mary Anne” or “Here I am”.  (There were two young Mary’s who lived in the house – Mary McAllister and a 12 year old, Mary Coon who helped around the house in 1900.  One of the Committee members present the evening of the investigation was named Mary Anne)

    In the wee hours of the morning a voice says “Hettie”.  (A prized possession in the museum is a pair of dolls donated in 1961 named Hettie and Lettie)

    And later in the morning a child’s voice is heard saying, “Mommy”.  Later, “Mommy, tell them( or him) to stop…. Mommy.”  There is distress in the child’s voice.  (Anyone with children might recall a younger daughter calling for help when her older brother is teasing her.  Could this be Harry giving Mary or Matilda a hard time?)

    There were more sounds as well and The Night Team Paranormal Project will be posting the results on their website, http://www.thenightteam.com/index.html.  We will also be having them return for further investigation.

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