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  • Thank you for such a wonderful, personal tour. The docent was extremely well-versed in the history of the home and the time period. We saw treasures we had never seen anywhere else!
    Karl and Dayna

    Comments from one of our prized docents

    September 27th, 2010

    The Beginning of a Victorian Revival!

    Last October my Museum Studies professor insisted we all meet him down town for a field trip of the McAllister House museum…as much as some protested we were duty bound. So at 3 o’clock in the afternoon we shuffled up to this tiny, picturesque cottage and I fell in love. Normally love of this caliber comes with a steady date on friday nights and a box of chocolates on select holidays, but the McAllister house has given me so much more- a revival of my passion for the Victorian Era.

    I’ve always been a Victorian junkie. I dare you to come and see my period drama DVD collection, or the insane amount of Victorian Gothic literature on my shelves. I’m like a twilight fan stuck in Regency England- but instead of yearning for Edward Cullen, my heart goes wild for lace gloves, antique opera glasses, and the sound of swishing silks… and now I’d found my ultimate high!

    It’s a quaint little place. Filled with charm, priceless valuables, hundreds of untold stories and millions of possible encounters. I unearthed a beaver muff last weekend from a cedar chest under the sleigh bed in the childrens’ room. Who’s muff was it? It’s labeled as a gift from Josh Fiston by way of Mr. Loveland for a young woman by the name of Anne. Were they lovers? Was he hopelessly devoted to her and so cemented her affections with gifts? Or are my romantic sensibilities going too far and its simply a beaver muff…we shall see.

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